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This poem is written by Stacey Kelly at Your Very Own Story – the writer & illustrator of personalised children’s books. Click on the image above to preview yours now!

You won’t always be this small,
And need me like you do,
Some say your tears manipulate,
But I know that’s not true.

You need me to hold you when you cry,
And wipe your tears away,
Because every tear that you shed,
Is speaking the words you cannot say.

You see, although you are so tiny,
You are a person just like me,
But your thoughts & feelings are hidden,
Because you cannot speak.

Your nappy might be clean,
And you might have just been fed,
But there’s more to you than this,
You too have thoughts inside your head.

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You might be feeling sad inside,
Or be having a bad day,
You might just need me to stay near,
Or could be feeling afraid.

Whatever it is that’s making,
These tears fill up your eyes,
I will always try to understand,
And will never leave your side.

I will hold you in my arms,
And be there from now until forever,
And your precious heart will always be,
Something that I protect & treasure.


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I left my job as a teacher when I became a mummy. My new role as a parent inspired me to write and illustrate my own children’s books which are personalised for each individual child who receives them. If you like my blog I would love for you to take a look and see what you think

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