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There was a time when I watched each of my friends, one by one, become parents whilst I continued with my carefree, sometimes drunken and always fun existence. I have always loved children and wanted to be a mum myself in the future, so I was over the moon to be a part of this new chapter in their lives. However, there were things that I struggled to comprehend. Things I now know you can only ever understand once you become a parent yourself.

I used to watch my friends wipe their child’s nose with their fingers and then to make matters worse they would wipe it on their jeans! They would pre-chew food for their newly weaned baby or they would actually accept a pre-chewed gift of food from their child and eat it themselves! The list went on – it was shocking at times. But nothing was more shocking than this one particular night a few years ago. I was sat having a lovely, calm and relaxing glass of wine with my hubby (as you do when you don’t have children) and my phone bleeped. Eager to see what my friend had to say, I opened up her message and read ‘I’m so proud’. Excited to learn more, I scrolled down to the attached picture only to be faced with an image of her child’s potty filled with poo! Now I am all for a text telling me that her little fella had used his potty for the first time, but a picture?! Was that really necessary?! Why would you ever take a picture of poo? I rang my friend immediately, congratulated her on her child’s success and then went on to tell her that in the future, a written message would be a more than adequate way to communicate about these great achievements in her son’s life. I had to set some boundaries here!

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So fast forward a few years. I am now a mummy myself and suddenly it all makes sense. What once made me gag, is now the norm. The pride I feel about everything that my daughter does and achieves is incredible and I now see that it is something you would want to share. My jeans are permanently dirty from the shameful finger nose-wipe and I have never felt happier than the time my baby girl first offered me a taste of her pre-chewed cracker. It was the only thing she had to offer and she chose to give it to me! I accepted it without hesitation and chomped away on my special gift like it was an aperitif cooked by Gordon Ramsey. Then, one day something utterly amazing happened. My daughter did a poo on her potty! Without thinking, I grabbed my phone and took a picture of it to send to my hubby. The second I hit the send button I laughed out loud as I knew I had now officially done something I vowed would never happen! There was only one thing for it. I scrolled down to my friend’s name, attached the picture and sent it to her with a message saying ‘Ha ha – pay back!’ Within seconds she had responded. Her message simply said ‘Welcome to the dark side :)’.

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Top Tip:
As soon as your baby can sit up unassisted, sit them on a little potty after every nappy change. We did this with our little girl (not to potty train her, just with the intention of getting her used to sitting on it). We would make it a fun time by singing songs, playing a little game, reading a book etc so it was an experience that she really enjoyed. One day (at only 6 months old) she randomly did a wee on the potty. We made a big fuss so she knew that was a good thing. Before we knew it, she was weeing or pooing on her potty every time she sat on it. She was only 6 months old! She is now 19 months old, has no fear of the potty and it is a normal part of her routine. Plus she knows exactly what it is for so I am thinking that when she can talk, potty training should be a lot easier! Fingers crossed!

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Love Stacey x

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