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Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but as soon as I had my baby girl, I instantly got an irrational fear of anything transport related! For the first 2 months (at least) I insisted that my hubby drove at no more that 15mph when our daughter was in the car and due to a combination of mummy hormones and my ability to burst into tears at any given moment, he quickly learned that it was best to politely oblige and go with the insane flow of early motherhood!

I remember one day pointing frantically to the ‘baby on board’ sticker hanging from our back window whilst simultaneously giving the man behind us (who was driving way too close) the look of death. How could he be so reckless knowing we had our precious baby with us? I was mortified when he replied with the Vs as he sped past us like a bat out of hell.  In reality he was probably only driving past at 30mph and was most likely absolutely infuriated by us driving at such a ridiculously slow speed! I hate to admit it but with hindsight, I can see how my actions might have led to me receiving this hand gesture. Although, in my defense, I do think that people need to learn to be more tolerant in life and despite us travelling at an unreasonable pace, he was still far too close!


I’m happy to say that this fear of cars didn’t last too long. However, it swiftly transferred from cars to planes. The thought of getting on a big lump of metal that was going to fly through the air seemed ludicrous. Despite planes being one of the safest modes of transport, I all of a sudden decided that there was no way I was putting our lives in the hands of science & air pressure! Fast forward 16 months and my family kindly treated us to a holiday in Spain. I was very excited about taking my daughter abroad. However, I had no choice but to face my (once again) irrational fears.

As our holiday got nearer I unexpectedly became calmer about the whole thing and my worries moved from ‘are we safe?’ to ‘what if our daughter is unsettled on the plane?’ My hubby and I are very relaxed and we do everything child-led. Having to sit on a plane for 3 hours was not exactly a child-friendly situation and to be honest, the thought of it was quite worrying!

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Well the day finally arrived. I had a slight sweat on as we boarded the plane and sat in our seats, but before I had chance to think any more about it all, my daughter fell asleep and stayed asleep the whole journey! All of that worrying for nothing! We flew back at night so I was convinced that the same would happen. Little did I know she had lured me into a false sense of security and ended up being the party animal of the plane! She smiled and babbled at everyone and had people eating out of the palm of her hand. Well actually, she was eating out of the palm of their hands (literally) as within 5 seconds she had clocked the ladies across from us with an endless supply of sweeties. She suddenly refined her linguistic skills and became an expert at saying the word ‘more’!


The flight and holiday came to an end and both had been absolutely brilliant. All of my worries were for nothing and once again, the reality was far better than the anticipation (which is quite often the case in life). I’m under no illusion that there will be many more scary moments in my parenting journey, but for now we have conquered my transport-aphobia. That is until the day she asks to go on her Grandad’s motorbike – then I really will have a heart attack!

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Love Stacey x

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