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Before becoming a mummy I loved my sleep (well I still do but it is not something I get much of these days!) In my former life, I could easily sleep 12 hours + and loved nothing more than chilling in my PJs all  day. Then, one of the best days of my life arrived – the day I found out I was pregnant. Much to my surprise, along with the arrival of my lovely bump came a reduction in sleep! First I couldn’t get comfortable and I would wake a couple of times a night trying to reposition my bump amongst my many pillows. Towards the back end of my pregnancy, I was getting up 4-5 times a night to pee. There was nothing more infuriating than feeling desperate for the toilet only to get there and do what can only be described as a dribble!! I felt like this whole sleeping thing was so unfair when the baby hadn’t even arrived yet. However, I’ve later come to the conclusion that this is just nature’s way of easing you in gently. It’s actually a really good thing – almost like a warm up to the real sleepless nights that are going to follow.

Fast forward a few months and she was here. My precious, non-sleeping, beautiful baby girl. From the minute she popped out my heart was full to bursting with unconditional love – a love that is absolutely necessary in any parenting journey (especially one that involves sleep deprivation!).

One night, after the gazillionth get up, I remember stumbling towards the door with one boob already hanging out from the previous night feed an hour ago. As I headed towards my daughter’s room I felt like I was actually losing my mind – the tiredness was just too much. My hubby has been amazing but his lack of boobs made it very hard for him to share the nighttime duties. At that very moment he must have seen the look on my face and said to bring our daughter into our bed. From that moment on, to save my sanity, we chose to become a co-sleeping family.


18 months on and I’m still yet to have a full night’s sleep. There are still moments when I feel like I’m on a one way ticket to The Priory, however, life is so much easier only having to turn over every 2 hours rather than actually having to get up!

I meet so many parents who have babies that have slept through since they were tiny. 90% of me is so happy for them & their luck but if I’m brutally honest, 5% of me questions if they are lying (which makes me feel better thinking that they are!) and the other 5% of me, well that wants to slap them in a fit of jealousy!

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I know that one day my little girl will be all grown up and won’t need me in the night and this is what keeps me going. She struggles with sleep and as her Mummy it is my job to support her through all of her struggles in life – even the ones that challenge me too.

At this very moment I sometimes feel like I’m never going to sleep again but in reality I know that’s not true. I do miss my sleep but as hard as parenting a toddler can be, it is the best thing I’ve ever done. Those moments in the middle of the night are tough to say the least but I also feel that they are precious and are a moment in time that I will one day look back on and treasure forever.

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Love Stacey x

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