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I hadn’t realised just how different my second pregnancy was compared to my first until I started writing this blog!


Baby number 1
I was obsessed with getting pregnant to the point where it was really upsetting me when each month passed by and there was no double line on the test. I watched what I ate, limited the amount of wine I drank and was very mindful about the whole baby making process (that was until I went on strike and spat my dummy out because I was (in my own words) ‘shattered and deserved to be pregnant’! In the end it took us about 9 months until we found out we were expecting. (Read more about my journey here).

Baby number 2
My daughter got to about 18 months old and I decided that yes, it might actually be time to start trying for baby number 2. Our little girl was sleeping marginally better than she had been (getting up just twice a night instead of the usual 10 thousands times) so I thought that a new baby might be a good idea. We went on a family holiday where I probably drank too much wine, definitely ate way too much food and thought ‘what will be will be’. After 1 week of trying, our daughter decided that it was a good idea to start waking up every hour. As you can imagine I quickly put the baby making on hold and decided that there was no rush. Baby number 2 had different ideas and in that 1 week window made an appearance. Luckily my daughter is now sleeping a bit better and our special little surprise is due in just 3 weeks! I cannot wait!


Baby number 1
When I was pregnant with my daughter I knew every single stage of her development. I knew what week it was, what sized fruit she was compared to, what my symptoms should be, what little body part or function had been created. We used to joke because my hubby used to ask how I was and I used to say things like ‘I’m exhausted, I made fingerprints today!’ However, because I was so aware of every single stage of my pregnancy each week seemed to feel like a year. I longed for the weeks to pass so I could meet my new baby.
I was a French and Spanish teacher at a lovely school in Leeds and everyone looked after me so winding down towards the back end of my pregnancy was easy to do. I left work at 36 weeks to go on maternity leave and loved endless PJ days in the countdown to baby arriving.

Baby number 2
After having my daughter I decided that I was going to leave teaching and when she was just 4 months old I got the idea to write & illustrate my own personalised children’s books (take a peek here). Just 2 months after getting the idea, my business Your Very Own Story was born! Now when I was 3 months pregnant I found out about a 6 month business accelerator scheme called Entrepreneurial Spark. Being pregnant first time around I would have never even considered doing anything like this as I would have thought about the fact that I was due to give birth around the time that the scheme ended. I’m not sure if it’s due to the fact that I no longer work for someone else or whether I’m just a bit bonkers but this time around I never saw things like childbirth and pregnancy as a barrier – I just felt more determined than ever. There’s nothing like being a parent to make you want to be the best version of yourself that you can be and I knew that this scheme would help me to grow my business and to move forward which I really wanted to do before baby number 2 arrived. As it turns out it is one of the best things I have ever done. I made some amazing new friends and the scheme has helped me personally and professionally go from strength to strength. I keep joking and saying that I am going to go into labour whilst I’m doing my business pitch at our event nights – they don’t find it funny but I think it’s hilarious! I’ve been so so busy throughout this pregnancy that I have blinked and missed it. I can’t quite believe I’ve only got 3 weeks left until my due date – I do feel a bit guilty about not having a clue what fruit size my baby is or what part of their little body I’ve created this week but I am working hard to give us a better future and by working my socks off now, it means I can be there 100% when he or she arrives because I will have laid a strong foundation for the business.


Here’s me & my new friends on the Entrepreneurial Spark business scheme


Baby number 1
I decided that I wanted a home birth with baby number 1 (read about that here) and I planned (or so I thought I did) every single element of my birth from start to finish. To be honest everything I had in my birth plan happened just as I wanted it to but I forgot one key bit. It sounds stupid now but when I gave birth to my daughter I forgot that there was more to giving birth than just the baby arriving! We were so excited when Eleni finally arrived that the minute she popped out we called everyone and told them to come around to our house to meet her. As soon as my hubby put down the phone I remember saying ‘Oh no! I forgot about my placenta!’ I mean who actually says that?! Everyone was on their way and I was technically still in labour because baby had arrived but the gruesome bit afterwards that people don’t talk about was still to happen! No word of a lie, my family was in the kitchen drinking tea and eating toast as I was still in the lounge trying to deliver my placenta – you just couldn’t make this stuff up ha ha!

Baby number 2
From what I’ve read, a lot of women forget that although baby arrives you are still very much in labour and this time around, I will actually write that bit into my birth plan. I will keep the environment calm and tranquil and give my body a better chance of finishing the job it started before the whole family turn up! I also have my little girl to consider this time around and I am very mindful of the fact that the transition from being an only child to having a sibling needs to be handled with love and care. I have told family that we will need a bit of time after baby arrives because I feel that it is important for our 2 babies to have the time to bond without anyone else being there other than Mummy & Daddy. I also think it is important for us all to take the time to adjust to our new life as a family of 4. I feel so emotional about it even now – I cannot imagine how I’m going to feel when I see my babies together for the first time – I think my heart might burst <3

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