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This blog is written by Stacey Kelly at Your Very Own Story – the writer & illustrator of personalised children’s books. Click on the image above to preview yours now!

The birth of your first child is one of the biggest moments in any woman’s life. Things that mattered before now seem irrelevant (and sometimes impossible!) and your heart is now full of nothing but pure love. On the 7th November 2013, in a pool in my front room at home, my little beauty, Eleni was born and my life and heart changed forever.


This very tiny, 6lbs 110z baby girl had come into our lives like a whirlwind and when I saw her little face for the very first time I felt like my heart was about to burst. I was prepared practically for her arrival but nobody could have prepared me for the love I felt when I held her in my arms.

It was the first time I had ever experienced pure love, without conditions or expectations. A love that was stronger than any emotion I had ever felt before.
All of those months (and years) wondering what my child would look like and yet at the very moment I met her, it was like we’d already had a connection for a lifetime.

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For the first time I was being led entirely by love and a mother’s intuition- the two strongest guides any woman will ever have. From the moment she was born, I knew that Eleni was going to be my greatest teacher in life and how right I was. Every day I learn something knew about her and about myself and every day I am led by her through this journey of motherhood. She is even the reason why Your Very Own Story exists! (Click here to find out more)

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Love Stacey x

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I left my job as a teacher when I became a mummy. My new role as a parent inspired me to write and illustrate my own children’s books which are personalised for each individual child who receives them. If you like my blog I would love for you to take a look and see what you think

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