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It took my baby girl quite a long time to feel settled with anyone other than her daddy and me so nights out were a big no-no for a while. Plus for quite a long time I didn’t feel ready to leave her either. When she was 10 months old I knew the time had come because Eleni had a secure attachment with my mum and I was yearning for some time alone with my husband, Mat. My daughter is literally attached to me by the boob from 8pm onwards so still very much needs me in the evening. However, throughout the day she is now fine which meant that my hubby and I could go on a well-deserved date day!

I’d bought my dress, my new heels and my wash off tan and was ready to get my glad rags on! I was originally going to book myself in for a spray tan but then quickly realised that this might result in my baby girl having a very orange tan mark developing around her mouth after feeding!

I started getting ready and all of a sudden felt really nervous – it wasn’t because I was leaving Eleni for the first time as I knew she would be fine – it was because it had been so long since I had done this!

My first hurdle was getting the bloomin’ fake tan on without streaks! How do people do this?! After a completely disastrous first attempt followed by a massive sulk, I finally managed to put an acceptable layer of tan on my very pasty legs and arms, smother myself in makeup to cover up the tired bags under my eyes from being up 25 thousand times throughout the night and slip into my new floral (trendy floral, not granny floral) little number.  After 2 hours of faffing I was almost good to go! I decided I needed a comb for my bag and after 20 minutes of raiding every cupboard in the house and concluding that it was obviously my hubby’s fault it was lost, I did the only logical thing – I went into my daughter’s bedroom, opened up her little Tommee Tippee hair set and pinched the comb out of it – it was the perfect size!


The time had finally come for me to kiss my daughter goodbye and to leave the house without her – a very strange feeling indeed! To be honest, I felt ready to have some time with Mat on our own and felt confident that she was going to have an amazing day with her Nana.

Now this was the first time in 19 months that I had worn heels but I was determined to look glamorous. There’s just something about a pair of heels that makes you feel amazing! We set off out of our front door and the first thing I realised was that I had forgotten how to walk in them! I got to the end of my garden (we are talking about 20 steps) and my feet were already pinching. At this point I was in denial and continued to believe that I was going to wear them all day – how wrong I was! I managed the journey to the train station (which was by car, not foot) and at that point I thought that my feet were going to fall off! As I hobbled off the train in Leeds I came to the conclusion that the days of me wearing heels were probably over. First stop – New Look! Not only did I have severe foot pain, but my hubby had new pumps on that were rubbing too so we ended up buying me some flats and Mat some plasters and at 1pm we were sat on a bench doing an emergency foot rescue!

flat shoes

We’d been in a few bars and then it dawned on us that it was the Courtyard Party in Leeds that day so we decided to go along. What appeared to be a fantastic idea turned into a very harsh reminder of the fact that we are now in our thirties. I stood there in my lovely sensible flat shoes and my floral, knee length dress surrounded by 18 year olds in platforms and belly tops – needless to say the glass of wine in my hand went down very quickly and helped numb the painful realisation that we didn’t quite fit in these places anymore! After 10 minutes we had left and found a more appropriate venue – a quiet little bar where we could sit and talk. How very grown up we had become!

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One thing that became apparent after this very funny date day was that all we needed was each other. It was so lovely to just sit and be together. After a whirlwind 10 months of bringing the most amazing little girl into the world, it was so nice to have some time to ourselves – even though 90% of it was spent talking about our little cherub and how amazingly proud we are of her!

I may not be able to party like I used to, wear 6 inch heels or a belly top (that phase of my life is most definitely a thing of the past!) however, all of those things are not important. What matters is that my friendship with my hubby is stronger than ever and my newly shaped body has created the most amazing gift in my life. Who needs the Courtyard Party when you’ve got a local club that sells drinks at half the price and where you can wear your jeans and flats! My 20 year old self would be ashamed of me saying that but now at 31 years old I have never been happier to let go of the party lifestyle and spend time with my beautiful family.

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Love Stacey x

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