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There are lots of blogs from a Mummy’s perspective but we rarely hear from the daddies. I want to change this so I asked my hubby to write an article about becoming a parent and this is what he wrote:

Before meeting Stacey, babies were the last thing on my mind and marriage was something I thought I’d never do. I was what you’d probably call a party boy, enjoying life with no responsibilities – it’s funny how quickly things change when you meet ‘the one’. Fast forward 3 years & I’m down on one knee, Stacey’s in shock & I’m a jibbering wreck waiting for her answer which was yes!


We got married pretty quickly and the baby making began. At first this was great fun, but after a few months of trying the reality hit me ‘what if I don’t work?!’. I knew Stacey had the same worries about herself & suddenly the pressure kicked in. My worries were unnecessary because 8 months later we were pregnant – thank goodness I had some swimmers!!

I’ll never forget how I felt when I saw that Clear Blue test say the word ‘pregnant’. If I’m honest, my first feeling was utter relief, but then seeing the joy on my wife’s face just crumbled me. We were so happy. Now being a Caretaker, I like structure & organisation in my life. I was constantly reminding Stacey (who I might add is the complete opposite) that we needed to pack the hospital bag & organise the baby’s room. Then she goes & hits me with a bombshell – she wanted a home birth! I almost fell over & I think my response was ‘you are having a laugh – no way!’. After a week of very clever manipulation from my wife (although she had researched it a lot & had valid points) & a visit from the midwife who knowing Stacey, was very supportive of this idea, I found myself agreeing to it. Thank goodness I did because it was the best thing we ever did!

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The birth of our first child grew closer & to be honest I felt very matter of fact about it. It was like a job needed doing so I went into autopilot doing what I do best which is focusing on the logistics of it all. The day finally came & nothing could’ve prepared me. Seeing my wife in so much pain made me feel out of control. I couldn’t do anything but be there for her. Her waters broke as she was pushing but after 2 days of contractions I could see she was so tired but with an undercurrent of strength & determination like I had never seen before in anyone. I felt so proud of her.

Then the moment came that instantly changed my life & me as a person. My baby girl was born. The girl that I will unconditionally love, protect & do anything for for the rest of my life.

el & mat

Being a dad is the single best thing I have ever done. If I had the option of going out on a night out or sitting in watching Peppa Pig with my daughter I’d choose Eleni & Peppa any day! I look at her now at 20 months old & feel so lucky to have such a special little person in my life. Everything about her melts my heart & seeing her blossom every day makes me feel so proud. Being her daddy will always be my most important role & I’ll always do the best that I can to make sure that she grows up knowing how special & loved she truly is.

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Love Stacey x

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I left my job as a teacher when I became a mummy. My new role as a parent inspired me to write and illustrate my own children’s books which are personalised for each individual child who receives them. If you like my blog I would love for you to take a look and see what you think

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