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Now I don’t know about anyone else but when I was pregnant I was absolutely starving! People used to say ‘don’t eat for two you will regret it’. I wasn’t eating for two I was eating for myself – the bottomless pit that is also called my stomach was never full! Plus, to make matters worse, I felt constantly sick in the first 12 weeks and the only thing to settle that was stodgy food. Healthy food just made me want to throw up! Good old stodge was what I craved & that is exactly what I ate for 9 months straight. Oh how I enjoyed my not-so-little self! It was quite liberating actually because for the first time in my life I wasn’t holding my stomach in (you don’t realise how much you do that until you actually want your stomach to show!), I wasn’t watching my weight and my focus was on this beautiful baby growing inside me and not my figure. I’ve never been so excited to see my belly grow outwards!


Month by month my belly grew (along with every other part of my body) and it was incredible to think that an actual baby was growing inside of me!! After a long but exciting wait, my baby finally arrived and it was the best moment of my life. I was in a little bubble of love and nothing else mattered but my little bundle of joy (thank goodness because the former me would have been mortified with the weight I had gained!)
Now I don’t know if it was because my bump counteracted the balance of my newly shaped figure, but when I had given birth it was like someone had blown me up! I felt HUGE! But do you know what? For the first time in my life I didn’t care! How could I not have the utmost respect for my body now it had made the most precious thing in my life?


Don’t get me wrong, I would have LOVED to fit back into my skinny jeans but that was not the most important thing any more. When Eleni was about 10 weeks old I did take action though and went to my local fat club. Now I had done weight watchers before (a million times) but this time it was different because I went as a breastfeeding mum. I was shocked to find out I could now eat 47 propoints a day!!!! Now for those of you who have never done Weight Watchers, when I went pre-baby I was only allowed about 29! I could literally now eat myself thinner!

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My daughter is now 14 months old and I have lost 28 pounds. I have 14 more to go but I am getting there slowly. As a young woman I was never happy with my body (as many of us aren’t). But now, for the first time ever I can see the beauty in it. This not-so-perfect body of mine has not only made the most beautiful gift in my life, but has nourished and fed her throughout her whole life – that to me is pretty amazing. My body may not look perfect (like the very photoshopped pictures in magazines!!), but what it has given me is perfection and I will be forever grateful to it for that.
Whenever us mamas have a self-conscious day and feel bad about how we look, we all need to remember why we have a few extra lumps and bumps on our bodies. Each one is a reminder of the little person we have made and brought into this world and we should wear them with pride because these bodies of ours are nothing short of incredible!

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Love Stacey x

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