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This blog is written by Stacey Kelly at Your Very Own Story – the writer & illustrator of personalised children’s books. Click on the image above to preview yours now!

1) The first time you have a wee after childbirth it STINGS!
In all the info you get given before having your baby there really should be a leaflet explaining that you must take a jug of warm water with you when you go for a wee after giving birth.  I went to the loo completely unaware of the post-labour weeing situation and I had to be practically peeled off of the ceiling! Although a jug of warm water works, my best advice would be to just run a bath and pee in that instead! This may sound disgusting but trust me, you will thank me for this tip one day!

 2) The cute, fancy baby clothes will disappoint you
I was so excited to put my daughter in her many pretty little dresses only to be completely disappointed! They just looked strange and were the most impractical things ever! She would crawl around and get her legs tangled and slip on the skirt every time she tried to move. She was so frustrated that we just ended up dressing her in baby grows for the first 12 months of her life!

3) Breastfeeding does not always come naturally to you or your baby
Breastfeeding is such a natural thing that you think you will instinctively know what to do. Nothing shocked me more than when it didn’t come naturally and when my daughter and I had to learn together how to do it. After seeing every specialist in the land, literally re-growing both of my nipples and lots of perseverance we got there in the end but it was not an easy journey at all.

4) You will never have a wee or a poo alone again!
You will most likely find yourself sat on the loo with either your child in your arms or sat in front of you. I have lost count of the amount of times I’ve been desperate for the toilet and my daughter wouldn’t let me put her down. The only answer to this is to multi-task!

5) The love physically hurts you
You will not believe how much you love your child – it is a love that is deeper than any other feeling you’ve ever had and it actually makes your heart physically ache at times! Hearing your baby cry actually creates a pain in your chest– I suppose it’s natures way of making you protect your baby because you cannot fight the need to soothe them and make them feel better!

6) You will wing it every day at some point
Every mama has an idea of the kind of parent that they want to be and has their own parenting strategies. However, despite this there is always going to be a moment in your parenting journey when you have to wing it because you don’t have a clue what to do! It might be the time that your child won’t stop crying despite you making sure you have met every need (emotionally & physically) that they have, or it could be the time that your little one is beside themselves because you won’t allow them to swing your dog around by its tail! Just stay calm, take a deep breath in and go with the flow. We don’t get a rulebook – just do your best at the time & reflect upon it later. Next time you will have a better idea of what to do. Experience is knowledge! (Although I am still trying to find a way of getting my daughter to understand that our dog does not find being grabbed by the tail much fun!)

7)   There will be a time when you feel like you are actually losing your mind
This usually comes hand in hand with sleep deprivation! Everybody has that moment when they think they are going insane! In this moment is important to be kind to yourself and do whatever it takes to make that moment a little easier! Leave the washing that needs doing, stop tidying the house, forget about the ironing. Sleep when baby sleeps, stay in your PJs all day – tomorrow you will feel better!

8) You will see danger in EVERYTHING
Before having children, items around the house were just normal, everyday things. All of sudden when you have a child they all morph into dangerous obstacles that make you have a heart attack! The TV stand has sharp edges that make a beeline for your toddler’s head, the tiny step outside becomes a death drop, drawers all of a sudden become the thing your child wants to play IN the most and becomes a hazard to little fingers – the list could go on!


9) You will be bossed about by a toddler
My daughter may not be able to talk properly yet but in her little babble talk she puts me right in my place! I am torn between feeling so proud of her feistiness and being slightly worried about what she will actually say when she has the words to properly sock it to me!

10) The smallest things will make you feel so proud
Having a poo on a potty, pointing to a pig and saying ‘oink oink’, blowing a kiss all sound like small things. However, when your child does them for the first time your heart could actually burst with pride. These small things are actually HUGE and have given me more joy than any of the big things that I have achieved personally!

11) You will never be able to watch sad/scary films involving children ever again
Now I thought films like My Sister’s Keeper were emotionally traumatic before having my daughter, but I borderline needed therapy after watching just 10 minutes of it after becoming a Mum! Films like this become emotionally unbearable to watch because you just cannot begin to imagine the reality of the storyline. Mamas, take heed! DO NOT even attempt to watch these movies!!

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12) Whether you believe in God or not, one day you will pray for more sleep
Believe me, it’s true!

13) Your children will teach you as much as you teach them
There’s nothing like your children for unearthing emotions within you. Parenting will uncover deep-rooted feelings that you may not have known existed and these feelings can sometimes affect the reaction (good & bad) that we have to certain situations. We won’t always get it right and that is OK – what is important is to acknowledge when we do get it wrong. This will not only allow you to reflect & grow as a person/parent, but will also teach your child about taking responsibility and that it is OK to make mistakes as this is how we learn & grow through life.

14) Mummy Wars actually do exist but you don’t have to join in the fight!
Now every mum thinks that her way is right. However, for some reason there can sometimes be a rift between the different categories of beliefs. This is something that I have never understood because despite our many differences, every mother’s decision is driven by her love for her child and every mum is doing her best. No matter what our beliefs are, we are all united in the fact that each and every one of us is a parent, loving her child and doing the best that we can do with the knowledge and ability we have at the time.

15) Peppa Pig is a legend!
Not only is it quite entertaining if you properly watch it yourself, but it has saved my sanity on many occasions! When my daughter has been beside herself sometimes the only solution has been Peppa. She has literally gone from screaming her head off to merrily ‘oinking’ at the TV in just seconds. It really is a miracle worker!
*UPDATE* Now that my daughter is 22 months old I have realised that Peppa might not be as great as I once thought! My daughter has started saying ‘yuck’ every time I put food in front of her. After wondering for weeks where she had learnt this, I over heard Peppa saying it in an episode! It turns out that the wonderful pig that is Peppa might be teaching my daughter the wrong things ha ha!

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Love Stacey x

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